Forms and Exercises

New Patient Intake Forms

Filling out the Patient Registration Sheet and General History Sheet  before coming to the office will definitely help with the time on the first visit.

Detox Questionnaire

  Many of us experience daily chemicals and toxins from our environment, food, and drink. Doing one or two 10 day liver detoxes per year help to clean the body's filter so we can continue to run at closer to optimal levels. Curious if you are toxic? Try the questionnaire (here). Also I do recommend taking the questionnaire on day 11 to see how much progress you have made. See how the whole plan works (here).

Exercise Sheets

Please note that these sheets are information for existing patients and use of these without your doctors review is ill advised and done at your own risk. Performing the wrong exercises for you as an individual can worsen your condition or produce a new injury. The sheets below are the base models for which custom plans are designed by Dr. Antonucci. Please contact us or set up an appointment if you have any questions.

Proprioception - from Latin proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual" and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. (from Wikipedia).  Basically your ability to adapt to an unstable environment and hugely important in the training of your body to not only recoup from your current and past injuries but prevent new ones.

Click on exercise title to go to desired sheet.

Phase I Ball Exercises - An introductory series of exercises to start the activation and patterning of your true core muscles. Many times we must go back to basics to re-build properly.

Phase II Ball Exercises - Early level proprioceptive, strengthening to start building muscle on the healthy muscle movement patterns that were established in phase I.

Phase III Ball Exercises - Exercises of moderate difficulty to increase your ability to adapt to the physically unbalanced environment we live in.

Phase IV Ball Exercises - Advanced difficulty series of exercise that pushes athletes to a higher level of physical performance.

Gym Style Core Exercises - A resource page for gym exercises that will engage more stabilizer muscles through a workout.

Exercise Balls among other healthcare items are available on-site.

Chiropractic Pillows, Anti-Burst Exercise Balls, Biofreeze, Ice Packs, Supplements, and TENS Units.

Chiropractic Pillows, Anti-Burst Exercise Balls, Biofreeze, Ice Packs, Supplements, and TENS Units.