Why Active Chiropractic and Rehabilitation?

I called my practice Active Chiropractic because motion (being active) is incredibly important to the joint and muscle healing process. It helps lubricate, increase range of motion and strength, forces you to stabilize, and increases circulation to bring in nutrients and work out damaged tissue. The CDC recently rated the sedentary lifestyle as dangerous as smoking. Bracing things or immobility causes weakness, instability, and adhesions which slows the healing process. There is a time and a place for bracing but as soon as one can safely move, get Active!!! Not only will it speed your healing process but when done regularly and correctly help prevent injuries.

What do we do that's different?

As we injure ourselves over the years through minor and major traumas we loosen ligaments, which is what typically holds our joints more stable. Due to this stretching the joint becomes more unstable and open for injury with each impact. Finding weaknesses in our body before it "injures" is one of the things we do with our athletes to strengthen and stabilize the area thereby preventing injury AND maximizing performance.

I try to get all of my patients into an active plan that specifically addresses their area of weakness which will help them get better faster and stay better longer. Stabilizing an injury site and keeping good motion in it, is essential for staving off future injuries in frequency and intensity. It also helps deter joint degeneration or classic "arthritis" which by proper terms is osteoarthritis.... Yes, in many cases it is preventable, sometimes stoppable, rarely reversible. Not to say that people with advanced arthritis can't experience benefits of pain reduction and increased mobility with active chiropractic care but results will be limited the longer the problem has been present. This is why I tell my patients to be pro-active with their injuries. Stay ahead of them when you can and handle them quickly when they do happen.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"    ~ Benjamin Franklin

We also believe in a multi-faceted approach, meaning that fixing an issue from multiple directions will yield the fastest results.

  • Chiropractic adjustments are tailored to your needs.
  • Ice packs, Biofreeze, Active 10, Galvanic electric stim, and K-Tape are available to help with the inflammation and pain during the initial acute phase.
  • Supplements by Nutritional Frontiers and Metagenics to give your body the specific nutrients (building blocks) that will help it repair itself faster as efficiently as possible.
  • Anti-burst exercise balls end exercise bands from Body Sport help with the prescribed exercise regimen.
  • The suggested Alkaline and Mediterranean Diet help get the fire out and aid in the healing process.