New Patients

How long will my first visit take?

Anywhere between 30-60 minutes is normal due to the extent of the exam, treatments, and number of areas being examined and treated. Arriving about 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork also helps keep the time reasonable. If any red flags are seen or with preference, X-rays will be referred to a nearby facility. You can also download, print, and have it ready for when you walk in. (Paperwork available here.)

Active Chiropractic Murrysville Waiting Room

How many treatments will I need?

This is dependent on a number of factors. The extent of the injury, how long it has been there, how fast you heal as an individual, your age, your daily stress levels, what lifestyle changes we need to make to avoid aggravating the injury (posture, diet, activities), and how well you follow the plan. Some have recovered fully in 2-3 visits while others take months to make a reasonable amount of progress. After the first visit, the doctor will give an estimate on what he sees. Though he will be able to be much more accurate after the first few visits and is able to observe how you respond. 

What should you expect after your first adjustment?

Results vary greatly on this. Some people experience immediate and huge relief, some don’t get relief until the next morning or after a couple visits. While others may actually be a little sore after the first visit because it has been so long since there has been motion in that part of the body it simply isn't used to it. Application of ice after the first adjustment is recommended in an attempt to avoid this entirely. You should not have a significant increase of pain or soreness. If you do please contact your treating doctor as your treatment plan may need to be modified or an entirely different approach may need to be taken.

Danielle at our front desk.

Danielle at our front desk.

Why ice, and how to do it?

Ice is a fantastic tool for injury healing because it reduces inflammation and pain in a specific area rather than a drug that will affect your whole body. Heat actually increases inflammation so you will want to avoid it for a few days to a week after an injury or starting care. Most often 15-20 minutes of an ice pack, wrapped in paper towel, placed directly onto the skin will yield the most effective results. Do not apply ice for more than 20 minutes, it can start to damage the application area.

We keep coffee, tea, and water ready for patients and family if they need to wait at all.

We keep coffee, tea, and water ready for patients and family if they need to wait at all.