Patient Testimonials

From Facebook:

Lois V. — 5 starJust want to share praise for Dr. Antonucci. He makes miracles happen: cured my plantar faciitis, adjusted my hips when they were four -four- inches out of alignment, and makes me feel like a million bucks! Thanks, Doc!!

Annette N Gerry — 5 starDr Antonucci truly has a gift. If you want a better quality of life, there is no one better. I feel so much better after he works his magic on me! He cares about your health. Simply the best!

Robert M. — 5 starTop notch!! Fixed me up good as new after a fall injured my rib and back.

Meredith C. — 5 starThe best EVER! I wouldn't see anyone else. A doctor who truly cares about your well-being and won't give you absurd answers just to keep you coming back.

Sarah S. — 5 starDon't ever settle for someone who wants to give you a cookie cutter solution! Dr Antonucci listens to what you say and determines the best approach to get you feeling your best!

Marissa M. — 5 starLook at you!!! Congrats! You're the best at what you do. Can't wait to get adjusted.

Darrell W. — 5 starVery good, with great personality and it really works.

Nicholas Z. — 5 star

Lou G. — 5 star

Shaina M. — 5 star

Tara C. - 5 starDr Antonucci is the best there is. Not only does he take my sometimes very vague description of what is wrong and turns it into a solution, but he takes the measures to prevent future injuries. His true goal is to make you feel better and whole body health! I will never go anywhere else.

Lance H. - 5 star - Honest forthright top-notch chiropractor who truly cares about your health and wellness. Is it time for you to heal? Is it time for you to stop hurting? Is it time for you to move towards health wellness in adjusting your diet and nutrition to get you feeling strong and looking good? If so go see him. But if you want to stay stuck that's fine too don't go see him. Make the best choice for you.

From Yelp:

Annette D. - 5 stars - Dr Tom Antonucci is the best chiropractor in the east. Maybe all of western Pa. The minute you call the office you know you are in good hands. Real people answer the phone, real nice people, I might add. He is very accommodating with your schedule. Most insurance accepted. On a personal note, I have had neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, wrist pain, a sprained ankle and back pain. Dr Antonucci gets me back to being pain free! He has taught me exercises' and stretches that keep the pain away. My neck has not bothered me in years!  When I do slip or take a tumble, I'm clumsy and he knows this, I go straight to see Dr A! Even if I feel a little "off" I go see Dr A. He listens, he he takes time with me, he helps not only with the occasional or even chronic pain, he has helped me immensely with digestive issues when no other medical doctor could. If you are scared or even skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, call Dr Tom Antonucci. You will not regret it.

Jeanne L. - 5 stars - I have been a patient of Tom's for about 10 years now.  I have been to other chiropractors throughout the years, but none have compared to him.  He really cares and gets to know you as a person, not just another "patient".  He always has handy tips for me to do at home to help me heal faster and more naturally. I've been to others who seem that they want to just take your money. He actually is a friend.  Even though he moved from Plum to Murrysville when he opened his own office (congratulations Tom!), I don't mind the extra 15 minute drive because I would never think of going to anyone else. (His last office was a 1 minute drive).

Also, his receptionist Danielle, is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. If I "suddenly" need to see Tom without an appointment, I know when I call she'll get me in whenever I can get there.

I highly recommend Active Chiropractic to anyone who needing chiropractic help, especially those who feel that their doctor only wants you to keep coming back and that they don't get to know you as a friend.

Stacey E. - 5 stars - Thank you Doctor Tom! I appreciate being able to get an appointment early on a recent Saturday morning when I had unbearable back pain, could not stand up straight nor get out of chair! The treatments, adjustments and icing were really helpful. Thank you for getting me in so quickly and for the adjustments this past week. I'm now getting out of a chair, standing straight and have no pain. Stacey E. (Monroeville).

From Google:

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