Vitamins and supplements, when used correctly, have been proven to help naturally aid in many issues, below being some of the most popular:

  • Speed healing
  • Boost immune system
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Repair cartilage
  • Mood Boosting
  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep aid
  • Post workout muscle repair
  • Muscle relaxing
  • Food digestion

We try to keep the following on hand and can do special orders with a little extra time.

Nutritional Frontiers

  • Airmaxx - Allergy assist- All Natural anti-histamine that works nicely to aid both respiratory and skin reactions. 2 tablets = 1 dose and 4-6 hours of relief.
  • B - Complex - Energy, nerve healing, Immunity
  • D3 5000 - Immunity, anti-oxidant, mood
  • Frontier Biotics - Digestion and immunity - A mix of probiotics to rebuild a healthy floura in the body.
  • HA Plus - Advanced joint complex - Great to rebuild or keep cartalidge in knees, shoulders, discs, etc.
  • Immunomaxx - Immune boosting - can be taken daily as a preventative or multiple per day when a cold / flu is present in the workplace or home.
  • Omega 3D - Healing and inflammation - 780mg of EPA + DHA per capsule. 2 caps is a maintenance dose while 3 caps will produce a therapeutic effect.
  • Pro Colors - Blends of fruits and veggies to supplement what we typically don't get in a day. Mixes great into protein smoothies. Reds (super anti-oxidant), Purples (anti-aging), Oranges (energy and sugar balance), Lean Greens (weight loss and detox).
  • Prob-Zyme - Digestion and immunity - Combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes that can be taken regularly or specifically with meals that don;t digest well.
  • The Best Whey Protein - Super clean protein out of New Zealand. Grass fed, no anti-biotic or steroid usage on the cows.
  • Online store under construction. Practitioner code is Antonucci668


  • MyoCalm - All natural muscle relaxer
  • Serenegen - Stress Assist - 2 tablets should give 4-6 hours of a calming effect.
  • Multigenics - Multivitamin - 2 per day with food
  • Click HERE for my Metagenics online store. Practitioner code is TAntonucci